The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean


THE ROGUE NOT TAKEN; the first book in NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author, Sarah MacLean’s new “Scandal & Scoundrel” series was simply the perfect choice for this reader when it came time to ring in the new year!

After the family and fireworks, starting this new book from one of my favorite authors was what I most looked forward to after buying a copy on New Year’s Eve. The dawn of 2016 arrived with a very sleepy but very huge smile on my face as I turned the last page on one of the funniest, most romantic stories I’ve read since…well, since Sarah’s last book, NEVER JUDGE A LADY BY HER COVER came out the previous year.

There is just something about a book by Sarah McLean that always seems to hit at the heart of what I love most about a good romantic novel. The balance between hilarity and the tugging of heartstrings is a tricky one, but once again, Ms. McLean proves she is a true master of the art.

From the moment Sophie tosses her jerk of a brother in law into a goldfish pond after catching him cheating on her sister (not spoilery, since it’s in the synopsis), the adventure takes off with a flying leap that puts her directly in the path of a notorious (and of course, stunning) scoundrel, Kingscote “King”, Marquess of Eversley.

Certain that the most boring of Talbot sisters, known as the “Soiled S’s” is just another pampered princess trying to trap a husband after he discovers she has stowed away in his carriage, the sparks really begin to fly and so does the fun.

Although at times King’s insults get a little too down and dirty, Sophie can give as good as she gets and only grows more determined to prove that she doesn’t need his help. And for a man who believes this determination is simply another ruse, he can’t seem to help himself when it comes to playing her knight in tarnished armor anyway.

A fun, frolicking road-trip adventure from beginning to end with plenty of laugh out loud moments to thrill your funny bone and equal moments of bone melting kisses to heat up your long winter’s nights.

Another win for McLean and another spectacularly entertaining gift of storytelling for us readers!

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The Rogue Not Taken Book Cover The Rogue Not Taken
Sarah MacLean
December 29, 2015

Lady Sophie's Society Splash! When Sophie, the least interesting of the Talbot sisters, lands her philandering brother-in-law backside-first in a goldfish pond in front of all society, she becomes the target of very public aristocratic scorn. Her only choice is to flee London, vowing to start a new life far from the aristocacy. Unfortunately, the carriage in which she stows away isn't saving her from ruin . . . it's filled with it.
Rogue's Reign of Ravishment! Kingscote, "King," the Marquess of Eversley, has never met a woman he couldn't charm, resulting in a reputation far worse than the truth, a general sense that he's more pretty face than proper gentleman, and an irate summons home to the Scottish border. When King discovers stowaway Sophie, however, the journey becomes anything but boring.

War? Or More? He thinks she's trying to trick him into marriage. She wouldn't have him if he were the last man on earth. But carriages bring close quarters, dark secrets, and unbearable temptation, making opposites altogether too attractive . . .

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